Our Products

What We Provide

  • 1 ½” 16” Standing Seam Roofing (on-site roll forming)

  • Metal roofing panels 

  • 5” & 6” Seamless Gutters (on-site roll forming)

  • Standard Flashings for Standing Seam Roofing

  • Custom Flashings for Standing Seam Roofing

  • ES-1 Tested Roof Edge Metal Profiles Available

  • Roof Copings

  • Roof Edge Trims

  • Metal Soffit – Solid and Perforated

  • Box Gutters & Downspouts

  • Custom Ice Pans

  • Custom Scupper Boxes & Downspouts 

  • Architectural Sheet Metal & Trims

  • Custom Fascia

  • Metal Wall Panel Systems


Metal Roofing Systems

Roof Metals Supply Provides our A1500 1 ½ 16” Snap-lock standing seam roof. With our onsite roll off machine Roof Metals Supply has the capability to come to your worksite and roll out the panels you need with the right measurements. We also have the option to get them crated. All trims can be provided (standard or custom) to complete your standing seam roof system.

Roof Drainage Systems

We can provide 5” or 6” seamless gutter systems complete with all accessories formed on your job site. Custom made scupper boxes and downspouts, we also provide custom roof box gutters and downspouts. Available in a wide range of colors.

Roof Trims, Coping & Edge Metals 

We have the ability to fabricate all types of profiles and sizes for roof copings, drip edge, gravel stop and snap-lock edge trims, all delivered to you. For custom fabrication please fill out the form below. You can submit this form on the contact us page.

Architectural Sheet Metal & Trims

We fabricate fascia, metal soffits both solid and perforated, snow pans, and  metal wall panel systems. Click below to see our numerous options available.

Color & Material Options

Roof Metals Supply Fabricates with Englert Metal for all our metal services. Englert manufactures the industries top metal products. They provide the worlds most technically and environmentally advanced paint line. The Englert 35-year standard Kynar paint finish warranty is the longest in the industry. Englert has Many color options available with the right gauge metal you need. Click below to see our  standing seam color chart and gutter color chart.